We’re giving governments military satellite communications they can count on

Airbus has a proven global track record as a trusted provider of military satellite communication (MilSatCom)systems. We have the expertise and future focus to help nations develop reliable, resilient end-to-end solutions.

Global experience in the milsatcom industry for sovereign nations
Airbus MilSatCom systems include Skynet in the UK, Syracuse IV for France and Germany’s SATCOMBw system. With innovation and end-to-end service delivery, we go further to give national governments a secure link between land, sea, air and space – so they can keep their citizens safe.

Case Study: Skynet 5 in the UK
In the UK, Airbus is the Ministry of Defence’s trusted partner for space. It’s a collaborative relationship, developed over eighteen years of providing Skynet services. - Britain’s secure military satellite communications programme.

World Leading Service
A hardened X-band constellation of satellites and accompanying ground network, Skynet provides all Beyond Line of Sight communications to the UK military.. It’s a world-leading end-to-end service, providing multi-domain integration to UK forces that ensures they get the right information at the right time.

Secure Voice and Data
Highly resilient and highly secure, Skynet meets the toughest standards set by the UK Ministry of Defence. Users benefit from a full spectrum of interfaces that enable secure voice and data across networks and point-to-point services, with an unrivalled level of encryption. Airbus operates all aspects of the programme, taking responsibility for design, sustainability and system availability.

The Customer at the heart of Airbus focus
Airbus and MOD staff work side-by-side at our co-located Ground Operations Site. The Airbus Skynet team has delivered the MilSatCom programme in peacetime and conflict, and some were awarded operational medals by the UK military for on-the-ground support in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Australian Ground Station
Ever intent on enhancing our services, in 2016, Airbus established a new purpose-built Skynet ground station in Adelaide, South Australia. The Australian facility extends the global coverage for fixed and mobile satellite services, linking the satellite constellation and terrestrial networks for reliable end-to-end connectivity.

Skynet 6
More recently, the MOD contracted Airbus to enhance the Skynet fleet and build the Skynet 6A satellite for launch in 2025. This new contract also covers technology development programmes, new secure telemetry, tracking and command systems, for the current Skynet 5 system. The end result will be a step change in capabilities for UK defence.

Throughout our partnership with the UK government, the Skynet programme has been updated and refreshed to keep it reliable, resilient and futureproof. In line with government requirements, we will soon hand back day-to-day operation of Skynet to the MOD, enabling full sovereign control.