In Australia, we’re collaborating with business, government and academia to unlock opportunities in space.

We’re encouraging innovation to help the Australian space industry grow.

Airbus has worked in Australia for over five decades across national defence, helicopters and commercial aircraft sectors. We’ve invested more than A$100 million into Australian projects and built a strong regional team of 1,500 employees across twenty-one different sites.

Airbus is committed to a long-term relationship with Australia that will achieve real results for the country by creating local jobs and nurturing technology skillsets to develop true space sovereignty.

Industrial sovereignty

Airbus is the national champion for space for many nations and able to develop advanced concepts in partnership with smaller companies. It’s a long-term, sustainable approach, federated across countries and companies that encourages an innovative ecosystem.

As we grow our presence in Australia, Airbus can help Australia’s small and medium-sized companies grow by bringing their technologies together in unified solutions.

Team Maier

To deliver on our vision for Australia’s space industry, Airbus has formed Team Maier: a collaborative initiative that will build partnerships with Australian companies and organisations across space, technology and academia. We thank the Meriam people of the Torres Strait Islands for permission to use their language in the naming of Team Maier, and pay respect to their Elders, past and present and emerging.

Putting Australian expertise at the heart of the work we do and developing export opportunities for local SMEs will help us spur job creation, technology transfer, and innovation. Through Team Maier, Airbus has already launched a Call for Innovation, inviting Australian SMEs and academia to collaborate on key research topics to support the future of the Australian Space industry.

The ICN Gateway supplier database has also been used to detail the range of key technologies, specialist skills and manufacturing capabilities Airbus wish to source from Australia.

By encouraging a diverse, innovative local industrial base, Airbus is ready to bring its global experience to bear on a truly sovereign solution – run by Australia, for Australia.