We’re sharing our knowledge to grow local sovereign expertise

Around the world, Airbus training programmes help nations build the home-grown expertise they need to own and operate their space systems.

Developing Sovereign Space Skills

Airbus believes that hands-on technical and operational training is a vital step towards giving customers local control over satellite systems. When operating satellites, making the right decisions is a crucial skill to master.
Airbus has set up its own academies throughout the world to design, prepare and deliver professional training that best fit with the Customer’s needs and expectations.

Airbus Space Academy: professional training alongside our Space experts

The Airbus Space Academy relies on experienced instructors in our own international training centre where customers’ teams get the skills they need through a range of comprehensive courses and full access to state-of-the-art technical equipment, offering premium learning conditions.

Airbus has more than 30 years experience delivering successful operational training to Customer teams. Since the early 1990s, the Airbus Space Academy has welcomed and trained more than 600 Customer engineers and technicians from various countries from Asia-Pacific to South America, across the Middle-East, Africa and Europe. Our trainings span various topics in the field of Earth observation and telecommunication satellites over several dedicated programmes in all areas of satellite systems design, development, integration and test, operations, image interpretation and applications.

Customised, Practical Training

Most importantly, we know that every organisation and every country is unique. Each training programme, relying on a comprehensive catalogue of courses, is designed and customised to always meet the Customer’s expectations to achieve operational effectiveness.

Through various programmes, we have taught our Customers’ teams to autonomously operate their own satellites and maintain their ground stations. We have explained how to design and manufacture their first space mission thanks to theoretical and practical training on CubeSats.

And we have helped them set up in-country Assembly, Integration and Test Centres, employing tens of technicians and engineers in charge of developing local satellites, and train newcomers in turn.

“The theory and the on-the-job training parts of this experience with Airbus Defence and Space in Toulouse are well balanced. Without this in-depth theory part it would have been very difficult to understand the complete satellite architecture and system”
Eng. Barrueto Edgardo, Satellite Manager for Peru’s PeruSAT-1 programme

Airbus believes that working closely with the satellite project teams is a key element for training success. All instructors are experienced engineers from Airbus, with recognised technical expertise in their field. Their ultimate aim is
to support knowledge ramp-up to enable our Customers to make their Space ambitions fly on their own.