Airbus provides a full range of employee benefits to ensure your wellbeing at work and in your personal life. If it matters to you, it is important to us.


How we care for you

We offer a holistic framework that recognises performance and rewards outcomes. This includes offering you meaningful benefits that support your health and wellbeing, your work/life balance and your bank balance.

Flexible working
We believe employees who effectively balance work and life demands, achieve improved personal and professional wellbeing.
Flexible working arrangements may include:
  • Part-time employment
  • Flexible hours and work patterns
  • Telecommuting (working off-site on a regular basis)
  • Remote work (working off-site exclusively)
  • Job sharing
  • Leave purchasing
  • Transition to Retirement Plans

    Healthy workplaces are positive and productive, and help create environments where people want to come to work.
    You will gain access to:
  • RAVE Wellbeing Centre: Education, support and tools to help you live a healthier and happier life. This includes resources about exercise, healthy eating, financial and mental wellbeing.
  • Employee Assistance Program: Free and confidential personal coaching and counselling service for you and your immediate family. This includes a variety of short-term, personal or work-related issues by qualified professionals.

    Reward & Recognition Program – including shopping and discounts
    All employees get access to instant savings across hundreds of retailers.
  • Our Reward & Recognition Program offers:
  • financial reward for employees who receive an Airbus Values Award and for reaching key service milestones.

  • RAVE e-greetings are a fun way to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate your peers and team members – whether it’s for their birthday, a work anniversary or a job well done.
    Professional development

    We strive for a working environment where you have opportunities to develop, grow and take up new challenges.
    Career aspirations are different for each person, that’s why we offer a wide range of learning and development solutions.
    Our tools will enable you to uncover your development needs and start a development plan. You can access solutions such as our Modular Approach, online learning, classroom courses, coaching and mentoring, Workshops in a Box, competency assessments and our self-awareness tool.

    Travel discounts
    We have partnered with Flight Centre's corporate travel agency FCM Travel Solutions to offer staff discounts on a number of travel activities including flights, rental cars and accommodation.
    Some of our partners include:
  • Virgin Australia
  • Avis
  • Oaks Hotels and Resorts
    Parental Leave Entitlements

    We recognise the importance of supporting employees with new parental responsibilities. We are committed to providing assistance to our employees with the transition into parenthood and back into the workforce by offering a best practice Parental Leave framework which aims to offer secure employment and flexible workplace opportunities for new parents.
    Airbus AP offers up to 16 weeks’ pay to support eligible employees who are Primary Caregivers, during a period of parental leave.
    We also offer up to 2 weeks’ pay to support Secondary Caregivers or Partners of Primary Caregivers.
    Following the birth or placement of a child, an employee may request a change in their working arrangements for the purpose of assisting them to care for a child.

    Novated leasing

    Airbus AP has a partnership with RemServ and Fleetplus who provides this service to employees.
    A novated lease is a way of financing and running a motor vehicle. It can potentially save you money by using pre-tax dollars for financing and operating costs.
    This may include saving GST on elements such as fuel, purchase price, insurance and tyres.

    Global opportunities and mobility

    Airbus is a global leader in aeronautics and aerospace.
    We have strong links to the broader global Airbus community. This will allow you to network with like-minded colleagues around the world and pursue career opportunities in other countries.