Design & Innovation

The Airbus team in Australia Pacific excel at turning around a solution to any problem. We offer highly advanced aircraft structural repair design and approval, structural testing, tooling and mechanical equipment design and certification and approval of design data.

These services are performed using sophisticated design software and technology, which when combined with our knowledge and experience offers unrivalled design innovation, quality and workmanship. Airbus fosters a deeply integrated relationship between our design team and on-site specialist services team where repairs and manufacturing takes place. Our customers can expect competitive pricing and on-time delivery.

All Airbus design and innovation services adhere to relevant current aviation standards. While our team is based in Blenheim, New Zealand, we can work off site, alongside your team or aircraft, or we can accommodate you at our facility.

Our specific services include:

Structural Repair
Airbus engineers possess the advanced skills necessary to perform vital analyses on new and ageing aircraft. Working within our Design Support Network, this includes fatigue life analysis, composite repair, crack growth analysis, damage tolerance assessment, ASIMP (structural integrity planning) and other necessary procedures and services for through-life support. Airbus’ design team will provide high quality, easy to follow, comprehensive and thorough design instructions and drawings so that maintenance or manufacture can be carried out off-site by our team or your preferred maintenance provider. Any repaired component, or newly manufactured replacement part, is precisely fitted in accordance with the design.

Rapid Prototyping
Airbus’ rapid prototyping know-how allows our designers and engineers to create a concept to solve a problem which is tailored for our customers. Airbus’ engineering design experts will promptly consider all necessary requirements and develop detailed and interactive solutions.

These solutions can be presented with estimates of cost and time up-front to our clients. This open approach combines the freedom of design with innate understanding of the design process to ensure that the finished product will always be best fit for the end user, the operator and the aircraft it is designed for.

Our clients can be confident that they are getting quality and the assurance of though life support. Our team at Airbus in Australia-Pacific has a broad understanding of aircraft and tooling usage, gained from extensive and varied experience, including in-depth military and civil experience. This expert team includes a machinist, a flight engineer and former aircraft OEM engineers.

Finite Element Analysis
Airbus’ Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software allows us to digitally expose a part or product to real-life forces and stresses and closely analyse its response. By creating sophisticated digital models and running analyses, our designers and engineers can ensure each part will perform and last under the physical forces it is normally exposed to. Comprehensive digital testing takes place before the part is manufactured in Airbus’ on-site specialist services bay in Blenheim, ensuring a high quality product, optimal performance and fatigue life.

System Integration
Airbus’ system integration engineers are highly skilled and experienced in this complex field, which has advanced exponentially over the years from purely mechanical to highly computerised systems. Aided by sophisticated software, Airbus in Australia Pacific can offer the design, implementation and ultimate integration of components to deliver overarching functionality. Our capabilities in this area include navigation, communications and other aspects that achieve a slight increase in capability or reduction in pilot workload, or mission systems integration. This includes everything from full mission suites including aero-medical, ISR, to entertainment.

Airbus in Australia Pacific uses sophisticated design software Siemans NX10 for its product design engineering processes. Capabilities include convergent modelling, rapid manufacturing, drafting and documentation and rendering. What this means for our customers is that the finest detail of their part or product can be virtually modelled and simulated in 3D, including digital testing for best performance. Models can be easily exported to ‘make files’ for CNC machines or converted to detailed manufacturing drawings. Airbus’ precise computerised method of design and engineering, along with our on-site specialist services manufacturing team, means our product development service is unrivalled for precision, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.