We believe there is power in being different. Every day, our people express their unique voices and draw from their rich experiences to bring fresh ideas to our company.


Fostering a friendly and inclusive workplace for all

An inclusive and diverse workforce drives innovation and makes us stronger as a team. The presence of both inclusion and diversity in our organisation gives us adaptability, relatability to our customers, improves decision making and results, and enriches our relationships with each other.
More than 140 nationalities make up the Airbus global workforce and over 20 languages are spoken in our company – reflecting the diversity of the world we live in and customers we serve. Airbus activities notably promote gender balance, social equality, intergenerational collaboration, while ensuring an inclusive environment for everyone.

How we define Inclusion and Diversity in the workplace:

  • Inclusion: An environment where our employees feel safe, valued, are respected and have opportunities to contribute their perspectives, experience and talents to our organisation.
  • Diversity: Both visible and invisible factors that define us as individuals, which can be thought about in terms of personal characteristics, cultural backgrounds, beliefs and experiences.

  • Towards a more inclusive workforce

    Airbus has a defined strategy and goals that translate our commitment to action. We focus our Inclusion and Diversity strategy under four key pillars:

    1. Ensure an inclusive and safe workplace
    We provide support to leaders and teams to build inclusive working environments, through training and workshops and our employees are confident that we will act if behaviours that do not reflect our values are reported. We support events that promote awareness of wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, such as International Women’s Day, R U OK? Day, and International Day of people with Disability.

    2. Foster a diverse workforce and talent pool
    We target 33% of our new hires to be women, and actively manage our talent development programs to give equitable access to development and career opportunities. We participate in global mobility programs to give exposure to international and cultural diversity.

    3. Enable sustainable impact on Airbus and society
    Airbus has a global network of employee resource groups through our Balance for Business platform, which fosters connection and community for diverse interests such as Women, Pride, Inter-Generation, and Nuero-diversity. We are a signatory to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and our global strategy recognises our commitment through our company priorities set each year. In Australia, we have developed our first Reconciliation Action Plan and are making progress with initiatives to promote awareness and respect for our First Nations people, which include training, a procurement strategy, cultural awareness training and Acknowledgement of Country being performed at gatherings.

    4. Promote communication and transparency
    We regularly report to our executive leadership committee and global stakeholders on progress toward our goals.