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Airbus in Australia Pacific understands that our customers have unique operational requirements and has developed experience in the modification and upgrading of existing helicopters to increase their capabilities, allow expansion into new markets, allow for better operational profitability and improve the helicopter’s re-sale value.

We recognise the need to tailor our customer support to assist in:

  • Scheduled Dynamic Component Overhaul and Standard Exchange
  • Aircraft Major Inspection Planning and Support
  • Procurement Planning
  • Main Rotor Blade Maintenance and Rental
  • Short and Long Term Operational Support
  • AS350 Retrofits

    The most popular AS350 retrofits are the AS350B to AS350BA modification. Airbus in Australia Pacific offers the AS350B/BA to AS350B2 modification to meet our customer’s needs.

    Retrofit Details

    AS350B to AS350BA Conversion – Service Bulletin 01-35
    Benefits Include:

  • Increased useful load
  • MGW internal = 2,100 kg MGW external = 2,250 kg
  • Internal and external = 132 kg (+15%)
  • Increased OGE/IGE performance
  • Increased VNE and recommended cruise
  • New wide cord tail and main rotor blades
  • Standardised dynamic components
  • AS350BA to AS350B2 Conversion – Service Bulletin 01-50

    This modification can be performed only by an Airbus Helicopters Approved Centre.

    Benefits Include:
  • More powerful engine take-off to an increase of 92 shp
  • Increased payload and sling load cargo sling load increased up to 561 lbs maximum operational weight increased up to 662 lbs
  • Greater speed increased height and performance in high temperature conditions AS350B2 standard dynamic components, fuel system and instrumentation

  • Retrofits Are Also Available To The

  • Ecureuil
  • EC120 B
  • Dauphin


    Retrofits Escalation POC

    Jacques Du Plessis

    Manager Customer & Material Support

      Ph: (61) 2 9794 9948

      M: (61) 417 365 523

    AOG Escalation POC 1

    Anna Tomchani

    Customer Logistic Manager

      Business hours Ph: (61) 2 9794 9935

      After hours M: (61) 417 365 523

    AOG Escalation POC 2

    Jacques Du Plessis

    Manager Customer & Material Support

      Business hours Ph: (61) 2 9794 9948

      After hours M: (61) 417 365 523