Manufacturing Specialist Services

Airbus in Australia Pacific offers a wide variety of capabilities for the fabrication and repair of aircraft components for military and civil aviation requirements.

These processes include:
• Welding
• Grinding
• Heat treatment
• Machining
• Shot peening
• Electroplating
• Non-destructive inspection
• Testing
• Painting

Airbus’ specialist services team are highly experienced and provide the flexibility to complete one-off solutions in a short timeframe and to a superior standard. We are also an integral link as part of Airbus’ wider regional aviation component repair, engineering design, fabrication and manufacturing services. Our skilled, highly experienced engineers are trained and qualified to meet all current standards for military and civil certification and authorisation. Airbus can release to service for regulatory bodies including CAANZ Pt 145 and Pt 148.

Airbus’ modern electroplating facility near Blenheim, New Zealand, is a leading centre for all inorganic surface finishes required by the aircraft industry. Our large electroplating bay is fully self-sufficient and equipped to provide a superior quality product. The facility contains the full spectrum of electroplated and associated coatings and processes. Airbus technicians work with small fasteners and fittings to propellers, undercarriage and structural components. These highly specialised technicians have many years of experience in both the civilian and military aeronautical environments.

Airbus’ extensive machining facilities in New Zealand offer the repair of existing, or manufacture of new, aircraft components. This includes engines, propellers and other aviation components for military and civil aviation. Airbus’ engineers can also design and manufacture custom tooling and jigs to facilitate repairs or specialist work. Our capabilities include machining engine cases using our vertical lathe and machining large propellers on our 3m bed lathe. We also have highly accurate tool-making milling machines for producing high quality aircraft components. Airbus’ machine shop is integrated with all other on-site Airbus services in Blenheim including engineering design, propeller and engine shops, non-destructive testing, shot peening, electroplating, heat treatment, painting and logistics and supply.

Airbus can manufacture and refurbish aluminium, steel and stainless steel parts. Our services include MIG welding, TIG welding and spot welding as well as foil repairs on heat shield blankets. Airbus’ unique heavy fabrication area features specialised guillotines, plasma cutters and heavy tube bending equipment with which to create or repair engine test stands, jigs and support structure work. Airbus can repair and manufacture rigid pipelines of up to 1 inch in diameter, which can subsequently be hydraulic pressure tested on our Blenheim-based hydraulic rig and crack-tested by our on-site NDT facility to meet required certification. Our welding operations combine services with all other Airbus operations for smoothly managed, on-time delivery.

Shot Peening
Airbus offers both automated shot peening and rotor peening for military and civil aircraft applications. Shot peening is a highly specialised, cold working method of imparting a layer of compressive stress onto the surface of a structure, in order to counter the effects of residual fatigue stress. This prevents stress corrosion cracking and fatigue stress cracking, as cracks will not propagate in an area subjected to compressive stress. Airbus’ engineers have the capability to shot peen propeller blades, wheels, skin structures and other third party work for both military and civil applications. Shot peening is design critical and as such, is offered by Airbus as a closely integrated part of the range of our on-site services in Blenheim.

Laser Tracking
Airbus’ advanced laser technology offers the highest precision alignment and measurement for improved manufacturing techniques. Using this tracking equipment, Airbus’ highly skilled engineers are able to refit and replace critical components to exacting standards. The technology is able to capture and display 3D coordinates for aircraft symmetry and alignment checks, jig alignment checks, positional and planarity checks and mapping data including damage plots on aircraft surfaces, modelling aircraft interior and exterior surfaces.

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