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    Diesel Power Comes to Heli-Expo

    Eco-efficiency for light helicopters 

    One of the smaller exhibits on Eurocopter’s Heli-Expo 2010 display stand has attracted a significant amount of attention from today’s mid-morning opening of the helicopter industry’s largest trade show. 

    This exhibit is the innovative OPOC™ (Opposite Piston Opposite Cylinder) engine from U.S.-based EcoMotors International, which illustrates Eurocopter’s goal of flying a light helicopter powered by a diesel engine. 

    The EM100 is a compact, high-compression engine that operates on the 2-cycle principle—generating one power stroke per crank-revolution per cylinder. It comprises two opposing cylinders per module, with a crankshaft between them, and each cylinder has two pistons moving in opposite directions. 

    “We are exploring different avenues in diesel power for a light single-engine helicopter, and the OPOC concept is one of many options we are pursuing,” explained Olivier Jouis, Eurocopter’s Head of Environmental Affairs. “We believe diesel is an eco-efficient solution for the future of small helicopters—as it can slash fuel consumption by as much as 40 percent.” 

    Jouis said Eurocopter’s objective is to work with diesel engine manufacturers to reach power-to-weight ratios that can challenge the advantages of a classic turbine.

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    Canada's VIH Aviation Group Orders Two EC225s

    This morning during Heli-Expo, Mr. Ken Norie, President and CEO of VIH Aviation Group of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, alongside President & CEO Lutz Bertling, announced the purchase of two new Eurocopter EC225s. 

    The helicopters will be used for offshore oil and gas transportation around Australia. The machines will be operated by HNZ Cougar Helicopters Pty. Ltd., a new joint venture launched during October 2009 that combines the VIH Aviation Group and New Zealand’s HNZ Helicopters in order to serve the Australian offshore market. 

    The EC225 offers the offshore oil and gas industry superior speed, range, payload, safety and reliability. It is the newest member of the Super Puma/Cougar family, which has logged more than 4 million flight hours. The EC225 can accommodate up to 19 passengers for offshore crew change flights. 

    VIH’s announcement to acquire the EC225 is further proof of the Group’s confidence in the quality of Eurocopter’s products. VIH is also the Canadian launch partner for the EC175. With a fleet of some 72 single and twin-engine helicopters and 20 more on order, the VIH Aviation Group flies from strategically located bases across the globe for a wide range of requirements including all-weather and deep-water offshore operations. 

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    bluecopter®: The Future is Now!

    Eurocopter is known for innovation, which has kept its products at the forefront of the rotary-wing industry for decades. 

    Today, the company’s resources are being applied to the bluecopter® technology program, which will make Eurocopter helicopters even more environmentally friendly. bluecopter® innovation is spotlighted at Eurocopter’s Heli-Expo 2010 exhibit stand—underscoring the scope of this program, and also demonstrating the maturity of some of these technologies. 

    “bluecopter® is not a fashion trend, it is the future of Eurocopter,” said Olivier Jouis, Eurocopter’s Head of Environmental Affairs. “This is our way of showing how serious we are about addressing the ever-growing environmental challenges for the helicopter industry.” 

    “bluecopter® is a continuous improvement effort that will benefit the company’s entire range of rotary-wing products,” Jouis added. Research is being conducted in five areas: emissions, noise, hazardous materials, recyclability and renewable resources. The environmental performance of each of these areas is assessed over the entire life cycle of Eurocopter products: from manufacturing to recycling, including the operations phase. 

    For more information on bluecopter® technology, check out

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    A World of Innovation on Display

    Eurocopter is just days away from showing the helicopter world some of its key R&D innovations at Heli-Expo in Houston, Texas. 
    Demonstrating its innovative flair and continued ability to provide optimum customer value, Eurocopter will introduce bluecopter® technology and present new main rotor and blade concepts, new pilot assistance and flight monitoring technologies, a highly effective fire fighting system as well as new service offers at Heli-Expo 2010 in Houston, Texas. 

    In addition, an EC130 owned by Air Methods, an EC135 from ADAC Air Rescue of Germany, an EC145 from Children’s Mercy Hospital, an AS350 from Canada’s Slave Lake Helicopters and a full-scale EC175 in search and rescue (SAR) configuration will be on display at Eurocopter’s booth. 

    Eurocopter has been at the forefront of rotorcraft technology for the past decades, and Heli-Expo is a great venue for the company to demonstrate its leading edge in innovation.

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